Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Finding Flowers

As I left home this morning I remembered to take buggy up on the side lawn to get a shot of my sunflower. The soil came from my daughter and her compost pile is under a bird feeder. There is another one started by the Mother's Day plant she put together for me. I hope it grows tall like the one up back!

Here I go down the road to check on the mullein that is growing its bud stalk. There is something special about this plant. (especially the leaves!) Do research and see what you can find! This is what I have known since I was young: Many tribes employed the use of mullein leaf tea for coughs, colds and rheumatism. They considered it to be analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and expectorant. The astringent and demulcent properties of the leaf tea were found useful in cases of diarrhea. Civil war soldiers, cowboys and Indians all used the soft leaves for toilet paper!   Mature plants can grow 5—10 ft. in height!
As I travel I see many types of farm equipment at rest. It's early in the day. 
The first thing I see is that the little blue spruce tree is again being taken over with the wild sweet pea! It is a pathetic looking tree all bare and surely dying before they overcome it each year.
AND....They are everywhere alongside the dirt roads!
I came across a rose bush with very small blooms. Colorful and quaint!
The Bindweed is everywhere!
And there are wild roadside bright orange lilies without the stripe on the petals.
The elderberry bushes are full. Soon there will be tons of berries for jellies and juices!
I have no clue as to whether this is a misplaced peony plant but there are many small blooms hiding in the weeds along the edge of the road.
Even though my buggy is very quiet, I still haven't seen any critters except one dead snake! Maybe I should venture further!
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  1. I love my wooly mullein and have even transplanted a few into my garden. When I was a girl, I used to sew the leaves together to make things for my playhouse.

  2. Thank you so much for your caring comment!

    Yes, I've seen that mullein plant(s)!!!!! They "grow like weeds"!!!! thank you for all the information!!!

    Yes, I can see how their leaves could be used for toilet paper!!! Perhaps we should use them, in summer!!! And save our paper toilet paper, for winter!!!!


  3. Beautiful!! I always enjoy seeing wildflowers here and there. And, enjoy your buggy rides very much.

  4. So very lovely to see all the beautiful flowers in your area ❣