Sunday, May 16, 2021

To Do's are Dun

What a list I had for our yard guy this year!  See below. We thank him for being so faithful and dependable which keeps us afloat; there is so much that we are unable to do now. James is drying after receiving his coat of preservative after his fine repairs were completed. I will dig out the flowers for his garland to be worn on the final weeks of May and through June. The daffodils are finished blooming and now will go through the process of rejuvenation of the bulbs. The blooms and stems will be removed in the beds near the porch, but the ones up in the old rock garden will just have to survive without interference. Why do I leave the unsightly foliage in place? Well the leaves absorb energy from sunlight, and through the process of photosynthesis, the energy is converted into chemicals that produce sugar - the food that keeps bulbs blooming year after year. If I remove the foliage too early the bulbs will be stunted which results in smaller and fewer blooms in the following year. It is an ugly mess for about SIX weeks! I still need to buy a few flowers for the front porch plantings. 

                                 Repair James - materials and labor

  • Clean out ditch behind cabin so water can run freely
  • Clean out debris behind shed to keep away from wood structure
  • Clean out catch drains corner of cabin, side of carport and road edge
  • Blow out all leaves from carport
  • Rake stones in carport to break up mud accumulations
  • Rake stones from grass both sides of driveway
  • Blow or rake debris from flowerbeds around cabin
  • Rake all lawns and remove debris including pine cones
  • Put winter shovel and supplies from carport into shed
  • Store snow blower in shed - bring tractor forward  
  • Power wash 4 porch chairs
  • Help uncover porch swing and golf cart + AC - store in shed
  • Gutters-twice for leaves & then for squigglies
  • Apply ant spray all around foundation


  1. Sounds like a large list of duties but for a younger person, not too energy draining.

  2. Hey that's a big list! I have one I need to get to. That's for the advice on the flowers. I didn't now them.down yet. I'll leave them there for a bit to help the blooming as you say.