Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Time Flies

Oh for sure it does! Sixty Five YEARS ago, a child was born and today is her birthday. I definitely remember the day I first saw her. The funny part of the story is that the night before, some of her dad's friends and his brother - in the middle of the night - came secretively to the little log cabin at the top of a hill where we lived, to frighten us. They climbed up on the roof and made lots of noise! A PRANK! Well after all of the hullabaloo was over, they left and we went back to our pullout sofa bed - for a little while. Then cramps began and soon after I was in a hospital giving birth. They kept mothers for about a week in those days and I couldn't wait to get the belly and breast bindings removed and go back home. She was the best baby! Her bed was the bottom drawer of a dresser until we got a car carrier that worked well. A baby shower from my workers provided all of the necessary clothes and needs JUST the day before when I took my maternity leave. The landlord lived at the bottom of the hill and after a baby carriage was purchased, I did all of the laundry there. Before the next winter we had rented a small town cottage which was closer to our parents. The next year she had a brother. 

Age 2 months

Marriage 1981
Daughter's Wedding
Son's Wedding
Granddaughter and Grandson
And, there is a new grandson on the way, expected in August. There is also her pending retirement! Yes, times flies.

I've posted about this before. Repeating myself seems to be common now. If you care to know more read here: New Mother Memory


  1. She looks a lot like Jannette to me

  2. Oh it sure does! Where go the days down that tunnel of time... You have a beautiful family!