Sunday, May 2, 2021

Race Horse Story

In 1973 we had just settled in at the new lake house and gotten the television hooked up. I remember very clearly that, since I just joined a local horse club and intended to build a barn and have my own horse again, that the Kentucky Derby was all the rage. My new horsey friends inspired me to be sure to watch the race. Soooo, I watched it for the very first time! Oh my!! I STILL remember the thrill of watching Secretariat winning and the fact that I loved him at first sight as he came onto the track. Something deep within my gut said he was special.

For EVERY year after I have watched the derby, never having a desire to attend nor to bet on a winner. BUT! I do pick my favorites.

The odd thing is that I never read about each horse, jockey, trainer or owner before picking my 3 favorites. I really do not! What my method is to just watch the horses as they approach the gate, and then a feeling comes whether this one or that one is a possible winner. I write down their names on a paper, but not in any specific order.

When the race starts, I just watch, BUT if a horse that is on my list is ahead and one of the the fastest, I start to squirm and then breath hard. If one of my three wins, I feel that special satisfaction that I was right! Usually there is someone in the room nearby who can verify that the winner was on my pre-written list. 

The other thing that happens is, many times, although I didn’t chose a winner, ONE of my three was either 2nd or 3rd. TRUE!  I don't think I have miss a single derby race since 1973. 48 years is a long time for enjoying this unique ability and there is absolutely NO EXPLANATION.

This year I chose Hot Rod Charlie, Essential Quality and Medina Spirit. Hot Rod Charlie finished 3rd. Essential Quality finished 4th and Medina Spirit won. (I have a SC friend named Medina, but that's not why I chose this horse.)

I rarely watch the Belmont or Preakness Stakes.

I’ve never had a mint julep.

I do not like hats!

I’ve never been to Kentucky.

I’m not crazy about red roses, especially cut ones.

If you want to see an old lady really get excited, come visit next year to watch the derby with me on TV.  

1979 My Nifty's Bobbi AQHA
foundation stock mare
Go Man Go line
Go Man Go was an American Quarter Horse stallion and race horse. He was named World Champion Quarter Running Horse three times in a row, one of only two horses to achieve that distinction. Go Man Go was considered to be of difficult temperament.


  1. O love horses. Had a Bay named Lucky. But, that is as far as my spirit takes me. Horse racing isn't my forte.

  2. It's not mine either - except for the once-a-year KY Derby. I've owned 31 horses/ponies over the years, though.

  3. I have only watched one or two. I like horses but don't watch them race to often. I love seeing work horses.

  4. I remember Secretariat racing. What a thrilling race! I also like to pick the winner by watching the horse prancing to the gate but I’m not as good as you with picking the winner but I have come close

  5. Lovely horse, lovely lady ❣ Our Kayla now has two horses on their farm : ) A lifelong dream !