Monday, May 3, 2021


Most of my friends and relatives know that I do not like talking on the telephone. Never have. I don't like taking part in face to face conversations that include more that two people. One on one is OK. My main method of communication is the written word. It's how I connect. Way back when I started to blog (2009) I found that I could express myself and communicate best with this venue. I also believe I communicate visually, therefore my "creations" and crafts. I love to share and that is a form of connecting as well.

This is my way of delivering my feelings and thoughts. Most of the time I feel that it doesn't matter at all if anyone reads or comments on my blogs or my artwork. Once in a while I do feel a strong relationship is created and that is what I aim to do - connect.

Yes, I'm rambling.  I'm a dreamer - IF I had a large space with paints and stuff, I know my writings would slow down and I would have a grand time expressing all inner thoughts. You say, this, today, is all about me. Yes. I'm feeling confined. Trapped. It's one of those things and now I'm letting it out. Gotta disconnect once in a while. 

Connections matter.


  1. I am communicating by old time hand written letter with my nephew for fun. He is 16 and loved an old buisness book from1906 I showed him. He enjoyed the part about writing different types of letters and how to do it properly. I suggested that it would be fun to try. I wrote him a letter wishing him good health and he wrote back according to the old time letter writing forms from the book. My next letter will be congratulatory as he just got his driving license and a new job part time at an ice-cream shop. I have been practicing my penmanship as in old times penmanship was an art form and very important when communicating. It's a lot of fun!

    1. My mother had beautiful handwriting. She learned the "Palmer" method and was proficient at it. I do write letters to some of my older friends via "snail mail."

  2. ...and your blog title, connections more, says it all.

  3. I like you just the way you are.