Friday, May 7, 2021

Baking and Waiting for Warmer Weather

I bake about two loaves a week. We sure do love this bread! It slices nicely when laid on its side too! I  have a slicing guide contraption but would rather use my eye. It probably won't raise as well when warmer weather comes and the propane stove is resting for the season. Currently I put it on the rug in front of that stove for its rise before oven baking. 
I am keeping my Mother's Day gifts indoors until it is warmer outdoors. They sure do love the morning sun shining on their counter space in the morning. My Missy brought these over for me to enjoy with a lovely hand-written card. She's so caring!
Our yard guy was planning to remove the porch swing cover and the golf car cover yesterday, but it rained and they were just too wet to fold and bag for summer storage in the shed. He also was also going to apply the annual preservative on James. Our spiritual guardian has not sported his forsythia garland nor his flower one yet as he has been undergoing repairs. I wonder what he thinks about his nakedness! All I can can say at the moment is that the pollen will be washed off due to more raining this coming weekend and next week.   Cheezzzz!

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  1. So James has been totally repaired and readied? Great. Your baked bread looks delicious!!! Great mom's day gifts.

  2. Your loaves of bread are perfection plus! Yum yum! Yes, you’ll need the cover off the porch swing and the golf car. It’s almost time for those fun jaunts around the lake. Yay for James!