Friday, May 21, 2021

Simply Simple

Daughter Missy drove us around the lake yesterday in the golf car and I was able to bring home a small bouquet of lilac from a neighbor's bush. (With permission, of course!)

I also cut down the few little wood hyacinth stalks that somehow grew in among the porch daffodils. This bouquet is in the kitchen window.
Today she brought me a few portulaca that I really love for their colorful blossoms. They don't take much room, thrive well and spread all season. They look kinda mangy right now but they will be better soon.
The succulents are in the "Henry" flowerpot as I'm not into putting them into the same one as last year. Lost motivation there, I guess.
One more pot to fill and I hope to find a tuberous begonia  and I will be finished for this year. It really has gotten more difficult for me to hand plant flowers.

I anticipate clipping a huge bunch of lily of the valley as they are doing so well. They were my mother's favorite flower and her mother's as well. They grow everywhere around here and have spread in a magnificent manner! The lily of the valley is a flower that is most often viewed as a symbol of rebirth and humility. It can be used to symbolize chasity, purity, sweetness and motherhood. 

It was a beautiful day, reaching 80° and no humidity!

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  1. Very Nice my lilacs is blooming real nice! It smalls great!

  2. Nothing makes a home more cheerful looking than bouquets of fresh flowers. I just planted a tuberous begonia - the first in many years. I love succulents but rabbits nibbled mine all away last year so I skipped planting them this year. Your lake is beautiful!