Monday, May 17, 2021


Well today I got the flower garland on James, nipped off the dead daffodil bloom stalks, and put preservative on the "Fish Stories Told Here" sign. This was a gift from Missy in 2011.
The Mister got the air compressor going and put air in one of the golf car tires that was low. He checked the others and then drove by James just as I was finishing tying the garland. I hopped into the vehicle for my first ride of this year. It is a good thing that we both had our canes. We got across the dam and turned around heading back home when it slowed down. R e a l l y slowed down. It was kept charged all winter on the first of the month but should have been again before ever taking a ride. I got off after we got across the bridge and walked home and he plugged along very slowly and got her to the front lawn - off the road! The charger is carried under the seat so it was a matter of wiring it to the socket on the front porch and turning on the juice! 

We were both beat! TOTALLY beat!  All that is now needed to do is to put the distilled water in the batteries. Tomorrow is another day!

Naptime never felt so needed!


  1. Sounds like an adventure ! Nap time is a delught 😴🥰

  2. I know what it's like for the need of those naps. Love seeing James all gussied up for the season.

  3. James looks great. Glad you made it home ok.

  4. James looks quite pleased to be all dressed up for the warm days ahead. Hopefully the next ride will turn out a lot better than the first.

  5. James looks quite nice dressed up! Glad you both made it home safe!