Thursday, June 4, 2020

One Day at a Time

Last evening I prepared parmesan roasted potato halves and parmesan roasted asparagus for supper. Easy and tasty meal. A fellow blogger said she never heard of pickled asparagus. Well, guess what? I researched the internet and there are multiple and different recipes for them, so I might just try fermenting a few! (Tips only, I think.)
This morning I took a short ride about and it is "the time of the iris."
My own are blooming, an old heritage bearded iris variety that my parents planted here at the cabin, but the neighbor had some very large white ones. (They don't photograph very well, as the whiteness takes over and I was disappointed with my results, but......)
Even the small dark beauties were not in the mood to pose, showing off their true beauty! Or - maybe it was me. 
So down the road I rode and was made happy to view all of the wild and multicolored Phlox. They are everywhere and this photo doesn't do them justice — at all! Purple, pink, blue, cream and white they are precious in my sight........
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  1. Gorgeous flowers! And, your potato & asparagus meal- perfect.

  2. Well the veggies look tasty. Love the irises. Stay safe there. Blessings, xoxo, Susie