Saturday, June 13, 2020

Good Day

Our grandson and his partner came over yesterday to go fishing. They brought her mother and all three motored around in the lake, everyone catching several fish. It was a thrill for the older woman to go fishing as she has several health conditions. The day before the couple were out there for several hours, and she got quite a sunburn. 
They all came back to shore around noon and two large coolers filled with picnic-style foods were unloaded from the car and we all had a wonderful porch picnic! It was a nice gathering for our 59th anniversary. Our daughter arrived and was even able to visit with her cousin and husband from Delaware who were at her uncle's next door. No masks were worn, but social distancing and hand washing were very evident throughout the day.

Our grandson and his partner work at a local wood product manufacturing company for ten hour days, four days of the week and they wear face masks the entire time. It is labor intensive work and the masks only became necessary during this awful pandemic.  (I once worked at the same plant for 7 years in the 1970's and remember the hard work. There is still no air conditioning in action, just large fans.)

We really appreciated their visit and gift of a nice assortment of foods and desserts on our anniversary. They all took the time to share and celebrate. Even the Mister had to turn over his grillmaster duties and I became guest instead of hostess. I didn't even take pictures! It so so great to have a nice open front porch with seating for all and a view to be envied. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! That’s wonderful. How nice to have the family for a day together. That’s the best gift in the world!!!!

  2. How fun it must've been. A belated happy anniversary to you both.