Saturday, May 23, 2020

Successful Mixture

I remembered seeing a recipe for making salmon patties on the internet several years ago. There are many "out there" so I decided to wing it last night.

My first step was to drain the liquid from the opened can of salmon. I then put the contents into a large bowl and picked off the skin and opened up the chunk to remove the vertebral column bone. It was easy. The bones were very soft but I didn't want to incorporate the main one in my mixture.

Next, without measuring, I added salt, pepper, a teaspoonful of mayonnaise, some celery salt, a handful of frozen diced onions, a short pour of Progresso Italian bread crumbs, a small scoop of flour, some milk and one large brown egg. After mixing it all together I formed patties and fried them in canola oil and then drained them on brown paper bag before serving.

SURPRISE! They were DELICIOUS!  Hope I can do it again so they will be as good! (I think the old cast iron pan contributed to the success.)
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