Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Morning Project

I dug out the 1899 grinder from the cupboard, rinsed and clamped it to the countertop with a potholder protecting the wood. After all of the previously prepared chunks from the gallon bagful were ground, followed by a couple of Ritz crackers to clean the interior, I bagged some to share. Then I made ham salad from the portion I kept. My ham salad consists of mayonnaise, mustard and sweet relish. I must say it is tasty! Perfectly ground with minimal cleanup. I only rinse all parts of the grinder in very hot water and dry completely before putting it back together for storage. If we want more, I can always pull some of the packaged slices from the freezer and grind it for either salad or as an addition to scalloped potatoes or scrambled eggs, quiche, and more.

It goes from "catch" pan to large bowl as we go.
My salad is in a 3.5 cup bowl
and will last a couple of days.
please click on image to view larger


  1. Thanks for the recipe. It looks good.

  2. Drooling here! I LOVE ham salad. And I make it the same way (only using my food processor).