Tuesday, November 13, 2018


We have stressful lives sometimes(who doesn't?)and something that makes us laugh or smile helps get you through the day. Your home needs to be a little comfort zone, a nice place, a safe place, a fun place, cozy with homemade treats.
One of our favorite suppers is quiche. Last night I created one with chopped spinach, grated cooked (left over) potatoes, chopped onions and topped with shredded seriously sharp cheese, sprinkled on top with salt, pepper, and Romano/Parm. Yes, the crust is the kind I unrolled and fit to the dish. So simple - so delicious.

Today for lunch dessert and sharing, I baked a dish of brownies. So rich...ummmmmmmmm.
 ~please click on image to view larger~
SMELL the goodness!


  1. You quiche looks tasty but you really struck a chord with the brownies. I'm going to get a cold glass of milk!

  2. I have to stay away from chocolate these days ...ANYTHING with even a hint of caffeine so...I'll drool & know just how YUMMY those brownies were!

    I love quiche.

  3. Everything looks just yummy!