Saturday, November 24, 2018


Today I took care of the 12 lb. ham, less a few slices we ate on Thanksgiving Day by cutting and packaging it for further use. We'll also share some. I cut off all the slices I could and made up 10 pouches in the old-style sealer bags. Then the larger pieces were cut into chunks, some to be used for soup and the rest to be ground into small salad sandwich-style pieces. Of course I'll use the old fashioned Gem Grinder for this. The food processor makes it either too chunky or too mushy.  The bone and smoky brown rind will be boiled and and used for my fabulous split pea soup. Whew! Tired me out!

1976 Dazey seal-a-meal
Sealed and ready to eat now or freeze
1899 Gem Food Chopper
Cut into chunks ready to grind.
That is a gallon bag!
And then......soup bone!
That's all for today!
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