Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Good Day!

By a good day, I mean it isn't snowing, the roads are not treacherous by weather conditions for those who chose to travel and our home is warm, we have food, we have comfort and our health seems to be in the "well" section of the dial.  It is an unusual Thanksgiving that we have this year as we did last. We stay home. We don't have family for meals. This year we didn't have turkey. We are content. We agree that it is time to slooooowwwww down!

The main thing is that we are thankful for multiple reasons and celebrate this day our own way. Did you watch the Parade in NYC this morning? It was impressive. Did your meal and your relatives, friends, and others eat well and have very happy visits? We hope so. There are so many people suffering emotionally, physically, financially...many are having an awful week and a bad year. Our hearts go out to them. Be sure to find one little nugget of goodness, something to be thankful for and then you too will have had a happy thanksgiving. We did.
8:00 AM 12°
 The ice is beginning to form on the lake.
 Before baking the ham...
 We shared some good stuff...
 We ate simple...
... and have leftovers to share!
Tonight it will be sandwiches with lemon cake and ice cream dessert. 

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