Friday, November 2, 2018


"Nature is the thread that connects us all."

This is a quote from one of my very favorite TV shows, Mountain Men which is regularly found on the History channel. I would hate to miss an episode as this show really has captured my interest.
I almost can't believe it's November already. Not many pretty colors this year. Too wet. BUT! I found a couple.
The cabin is stripped of it's enhancements of pretty plant life, and we're almost ready for snow. I say this because the golf car isn't yet covered. There may be another day or so I can venture out and find a shot or two.
please click on image to view larger
 James awaits his winter attire. I hear his teeth chattering already! By the way, mouse count-5, vole- 1. Trap reset almost every morning.


  1. Brrrr. Just the thought of snow. As a kid, I looked forward to snow, but, not any more. Beautiful sky shot! Love the cabin!! Can't wait to see what winter garb will be for James!

    1. a couple more posts of yours. Commented on the one previous to this. I found myself nodding in agreement on your Halloween costume comments & Boston Boy brought a few 'yes indeeds' from me.