Monday, November 5, 2018

Revived & Remembered

I have had the little carriage clock sitting on a shelf for a long time but it was never used much as it is battery operated. My parents gave it to us as a 30th anniversary gift. When I was cleaning out Mother's paperwork many years ago I found the original sales slip from the jeweler's where they purchased it.  I folded and inserted this paper into the back section of the clock. Today I was taking pictures of some of my treasures and opened the back. I was shocked to see that I had left a battery in it and it had corroded terribly. What a mess! The mister was able to pry it out and I proceeded to scrape and clean out the area with a paste of baking soda. After cleaning and drying and a new battery inserted, we were surprised and happy that it works! Even the bell rings when the alarm is set. This little treasure keeps time pretty well, losing only a couple of minutes every hour. That's good enough for me! It works. Nothing perfect here really matters to me. This little 4" high charm now sits back on the shelf without a battery. 
Bulova "Time Flies"
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  1. It's VERY pretty! I'd like it here at my home. Will have to look for one.

    And, can certainly use my gourd photos if you'd like.