Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pete and Repeat

I do this every year! Making split pea soup is quite simple and we sure do enjoy the end results. The first ham bone has been simmered for an entire day and then strained out with the broth set aside to have the fat come up to the top for skimming off the next day. (We will have another ham bone soon as our daughter is saving hers for me.)

This year I put the kettle of broth outdoors with a milk crate covering it and the heavy 5 gallon gas can setting on top of that! Critters abide in our woods, don'tcha know! In fact, I saw four large deer browsing behind the cabin this very morning. There also was a "funny" noise in the woods during the night. I think it might have been an owl.

The end results after simmering and stirring often was a yield of about 2 1/2 qts. of very tasty soup for freezer storage. Of course that doesn't count the lunch bowls and it was GREAT!
On another note, I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo that I had submitted to our regional news station be shown in the usual Friday night video clip. Good thing I had the camera ready and got a shot of it right from the dining room table! The 2nd picture here is a screen shot I took of my photo while watching a rerun on the computer.

To see the actual presentation click on the link below. There is a wonderful picture of an eagle taken by a local lady who gets incredible nature shots.

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  1. I am conversing with a news celebrity!! That's awesome Ms.G

    And, as you know, I love Split Pea soup.