Sunday, December 16, 2018

Oh! Santa Came Early!

I truly would rather give than receive... as we REALLY don't need or want anything at this time of our lives. Gifts are nice, though and we DO appreciate the thoughtful gestures of our friends and family.

The first thing to arrive from HI friends was a variety of frozen chowders and bisques. We both really love seafood and soups.
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Our two adult granddaughters who live in upper NY state sent a 5.8 quart digital touchscreen air frier appliance.  It came with a 50-recipe book. That should be fun to try. The world is going to be totally electronic in a couple of years! Scary for me.
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The last night when our grandson and his significant partner stopped in to pick up some photo work that I completed for them, they brought along a beautiful glass Christmas tree jar filled with candy!  (I had given them my hand made jute tree when they gave me the photo project earlier.)
Yes, we've been into the candy jar!
I've finished my second batch of split pea soup and am anticipating sharing jars with my brother and daughter who live nearby. Cookies are almost gone and I'll bake more next week. I still haven't dressed James for the season - bad me. It's been too wet and is raining again! I'll pretend he's in the mood with last year's shot for now.......
A Great Granddaughter waits for Santa too!
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  1. Awwwww, what a blessing your g-granddaughter is! Darling.

    Get James an umbrella! Andes mints are so good. Oh, and those air friers are expensive. I've seen them online. Probably healthier since there's no grease/fat used.

  2. What wonderful gifts from your family ! You deserve the best. Although James does not look happy but your great granddaughter does She is precious.