Friday, March 17, 2017

Stella continued - March 17, 2017

All across our region, folks felt the wrath of the blizzard...but few were hit harder than Susquehanna County. We live here and people in all of our area had a hard and long time with snow throwing!
These nearby neighbors had to have someone come to open up the path to their garage with a tractor and bucket loader. Their truck and plow couldn't make the path to the garage and later found their Honda Element named "Toaster," which was left out during the blizzard, got frosted just like a pop tart.
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My Mister corrected me in calling the snow thrower a snowblower! Now I know. blows and throws. 

He had me call the township road department this morning to have someone come and break through a four foot opening at the road edge so our snow THROWER can make the path to the propane tank and to the burn pile area. We understand how it was plugged in, but it was grass and sod and too large and hard for us to manage.  They came almost as soon as I hung up and the opening is made. I mentioned to the driver how hard it was for the plowman to see the road during the blizzard and forgive him for the mess. He laughed and said it was he who plowed! Now the Mister has to make the paths. Tomorrow... 
Video is only 34 seconds long. 

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  1. My oh my....I just can't imagine the work involved. I do hope this is the last of it for the season.