Friday, March 10, 2017

Sadie's First Flight HD 1080p

My nephew is a student pilot. He wasn't taking a lesson in this slide show video. He was taking his beloved Sadie, on her first airplane ride with his pilot friend. I played his actual GoPro movie and took desktop pictures here and there when the movie was running and put together my version with his film. It is about 120 still frames. My idea was to fully focus on the dog.  It might have been fun to see what she did when they exited the plane. He didn't film that part of her final reaction.

The Plane
 The Owner and Pilot


  1. Oh my goodness...this slide show video of Sadie and her co-pilots is so exceptional!! She looks out the window even. I'm wondering if all the yawning is 'caused by altitude?

    What a wonderful adventure she could tell her litter mates!!

  2. Very nice job on the video! What is that music? I've heard it before in fact I could even own it somewhere in my record collection.