Sunday, March 5, 2017

Frosty and Windy

And only 2° at 6:45 am! There must be a tiny leak around our front storm door because when I went out to capture the windy lake steam that was blowing wildly, I first saw the frost. It is beautiful! The first image is my favorite. They are shown as they came from the camera and are untouched.
Click on image to view larger
And the chimes ringing in the video are very old ones that my brother made years ago. They are really noisy when the wind blows. 


  1. Pretty! Bud made me wind chimes from pipe & they are loud. Sounds like church bells ringing.

  2. Wonderful shots! I liked the movie as well. Next time try to get some stills of the mist being blown along the top of the water!
    Nice stuff!