Saturday, March 4, 2017

Seasonal Country Ways

On the trip out to my brother's project place on Thursday, we stopped so I could take pictures of egg sales at our favorite produce farm. It is closed (well almost) for the winter.  My brother keeps me in eggs and I didn't need more, but want to share how this store is specially open with eggs for sale. Notice the plastic bags are even supplied, and the eggs are kept cool. Honor system in action here.  There was a place I found on an old country road a couple of years ago that didn't even have their cash box nailed down, but times have changed.
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The chickens below live 12 miles down the road from the produce stand at my brother's project place and they lay wonderful brown eggs too. My brother has 6 more hens but they were out and about scratching in the grass when I went into the coop to see who was home.
YESTERDAY a fellow from up the road took advantage of the lake's ice being all gone (it melted clean away on March 1) and launched his rowboat to go for a ride. Down at our end of the lake, I saw him dragging it up to the bank by the dam and went out to ask him if he'd like to come in and warm up! He told me that after he took it out the battery went dead and he couldn't oar against the strong wind to get back to the other end where he lives. He said no problem and he'd just jog on home and get his truck and hitch up the trailer and bring his boat back that way. 
Well TODAY the ice has started to return!

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  1. We sure live in different places. When Arlene's grandfather lived in her house he had a garden and chickens. Even 90-100 years ago the chickens seemed unusual to the neighbors according to legend. Ok... it's not much of a legend. Even that long ago this city had 60,000 people a little more than there is now.
    Folks in the country are sure trusting. Even though I'm a city boy I wouldn't mind living as you do at this point in my life.