Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bizarre Happening

Strange…This happened before the snowstorm arrived.

Last night, after going to bed and having a vivid dream that one of the equipment shed doors was left open, the Mister got up and looked out the back door to see that the doors to that shed were closed. The dream was so very real that he was shocked to find them both closed. Then…he looked at the water pump shed and discovered that the light inside that is aimed on the pump pressure valve had gone out! This light is to keep the pressure valve from freezing. He checks it every evening when temperatures are near freezing, before going to bed. It is important!  (A red tail-light lens is attached to the side over a hole and shows if the light is on or off.) Action needed: back in - get dressed - back out and replace faulty bulb. 
(Old photos above)
The bulbs we have to use now are not efficient or long lasting for our purpose as those were in the past, and cost more as well. A heat bulb would be too hot, but an incandescent floodlight bulb has worked for over 20 years here and stayed lit for all winter! These new types burn out quickly. One lasted 3 weeks, and the last one lasted 5 weeks. We keep a supply now, meaning more than one replacement. 

Today’s bulbs come two to a pack and cost about $28.00 It is better than having the pressure valve freeze, but they have to be monitored constantly, meaning every single night when temperatures are near or below freezing. 

In the product description on line I read:
Life in Hours: 1500 hrs [= 62 days.]  We never got 62 days from one burning 24/7.

Good thing he dreamed about the equipment shed door being open, eh? A friend said she would be very thankful for that surreal dream that helped him realize that he still had work to do before his day could come to an end.

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