Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Many years ago when I was a child, I was given a treat that has remained my very favorite through the years. 

Do you like candy? I do. I'm NOT a chocolate lover though. I like sugary stuff, like pectin jellybeans, candy corn, orange slices, pectin fruit-flavored jellies and more. 

The treat I'm enjoying currently is marzipan. First of all, you must love the aroma and taste of almond to like this candy.  What is marzipan, you ask? It is a paste of ground almonds and sugar or honey, formed into a particular shape. Most are painted. The ones I have always enjoyed are the ones that look like various fruits. They are painted that way and the flavor has nothing at all to do with the fruit shape and color.

There are many other shapes and colors, some being festive for a season and others for fun with all tasting the same. Another popular shape is vegetables. Well I'd rather eat the fruit shapes. 
According to the Farmers' Almanac, January 12 is National Marzipan Day!

Today at the renowned Niederegger Marzipan Factory in Lubeck, Germany, established in the mid - 19th century, visitors can see a display of 12 famous life-sized statues - including Santa Claus, among others - all made of marzipan!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The reason I'm writing this today is that I recently received a birthday gift box from one of my daughters. There were 54 pieces in this! (And they are each a 60 calorie treat.)
click on image to view larger
I can depend on another box to arrive around Christmastime. 

And.....these are my 2nd place favorite!


  1. I also love marzipan. It reminds me of my grandmother who gave me marzipan on special occasions.

  2. The middle picture in particular is quite colorful. I do like marzipan but I also like chocolate. Apart from that I'm not much of a candy eater or else I'd be as big as a house. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths.

  3. I love anything almond! Right now, I've been snacking on Almond cookies [and a glass of cold milk]

    Golly, it's been ages since I've had orange slices [the candy]