Monday, March 6, 2017

Hot and Cold

While I was baking oatmeal raisin cookies this morning I saw them arrive. It was funny to see them land and skid. DANG!  We do not like them here. They come on our beachfront and leave big messes. I have been taking a pot lid and wooden spoon to scare them. The mister "runs" down with arms waving.  There are only 12 here so far but there will be scores more! It's breeding time and they are showing their usual dances and prances. I'm going to buy an air horn - a loud one - and use it until they get the idea that they aren't welcome by my place! Hopefully it will do the job - nothing else anyone else has tried is successful when they sit on their lawns, docks, and floats. We are becoming more and more over run as years go by. 
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  1. Well,don't offer them a cookie cause they will never leave and neither will I.

  2. Oh yeah I am quite familiar with those pests. We get plenty of them near the river and the lakes.
    I'm getting a glass of milk, please pass the cookies.

  3. Where we lived in Colorado for decades, we had literally 1000s of them - year 'round because some old guy raised them and set them free...eventually they bred and never left. I don't mind 'em....nor the messes they leave. There are a lot worse things in life....[in my opinion]. Now 'bout them cookies. Any left? Oatmeal cookies, warm from the oven...yum.