Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goose Egg

We found this note that was written on Wednesday, March 26 by our daughter, Missy, who lives across town. She always stops in the cabin to turn up the heater a few days before we arrive.  As usual, she left homemade foods for us. In the past she has left baked mac & cheese or a ham and potato casserole or meatloaf so I won't have to cook the night of our long ride back. She doesn't usually leave a note and we don't usually leave the bridge lamp on, either!

The soup was delicious, turkey vegetable, and we haven't yet tried the goose egg. The dozen of brown eggs were also nice to have. Her neighbor has her take care of the chickens when she leaves and she can have all of the eggs during the time. She has to hunt and find them as the chickens are free roaming and lay eggs everywhere. 

This is the goose egg.  

This is the goose and Missy.

Missy and the chickens.


  1. That was such a sweet thing for your daughter to do. My goodness, that goose egg is large!! Probably equivalent to half a dozen eggs.

  2. Well, hot diggity! I am thrilled to meet you! I was just doing a last computer check before giving up the ghost for tomorrow's knee surgery and saw your really nice note to me, So here I am, got my follow to work this time and can't wait to catch up when recoup gets underway and I can drag myself and crutches to my pc. If you saw this little cubby hole, you'd wonder how a human with even no crutches could fit in here, haha.

    LOVE the pics. Missy is definitely a sweetheart of a daughter and she looks just like you! Beautiful! And obviously an animal lover, too, just like I am. What a wonderful family.

    I see you went through the ungodly mess in my area, Virginia. Oh brother, we were all slipping and sliding everywhere. I'm so happy to have this warm weather now and the forsythia are in bloom with dogwoods peeking out of one eye. Delicious.

    Ok, I am stopping. As Beth could tell you, Toodie, too, I have been famous over the years for writing really longggg comments. I'm trying SO hard to stop that, haha,

    See you soon!

  3. I don't know which is cuter - Missy or the goose. She is pretty terrific to have food waiting for you when you arrive home.

  4. Lovely ladies and one curious goose.

  5. After a very busy day yesterday, it is a treat to start my new day reading your blog. Your daughter's kindness just emanates through the screen.
    Love the pictures... love what Missy did for you..
    She is beautiful, just like her momma.

  6. ...sounds to me that your daughter is a very wonderful caring daughter!!!