Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Daffodils Are Late

I just spent an hour trying to find the pictures I took last year of the flowerbed in front of the cabin coming to life. Now I know for sure that we are running behind by two weeks. Last year they were in full bloom on April 20!

This is today and you can see the seedum is only peeking up. The tips of the daffodils are very yellow. I think they froze when they first appeared!

These were taken on the same day last year and you can see the difference!

Mother Nature rules!


  1. Everything is behind schedule here too! I haven't given up hope though!

  2. What a great post to show the beginning of spring. Late, but it is coming at last for you. (I will be envying you when you have those daffodils. I never get to see them any more, because Florida ...). My first time to visit your lovely blog; I enjoyed each post I scrolled through and I loved reading your 'about you' . You sound like my kind of friend!