Saturday, April 19, 2014


Be careful, be VERY careful if you ever have any *kinesiology taping done. I have been having severe spasms in my left ribcage area. Not knowing why, I consented to have the area taped by my chiropractor. I have visited him twice since my sacroiliac is out of place again (this is an ongoing issue through many years). After the last visit I actually wondered if I had a cracked or even broken rib it was so painful. I have had broken ribs in my past years due to falling off of horses so I know how it feels. 

I also think the muscle spasms could have been caused my my extreme sneezing spells lately. I have them often and they are sudden and violent and long lasting. 

Anyway, my chiropractor determined that the muscle in that specific area was swollen and heated and explained that the taping would help ease the pain. OK. I asked if it contained latex because I have VERY sensitive skin and often react to things touching my skin.

I left with a 3 inch wide piece of tape adhered all along the area front to mid back. It stayed on for eight hours before removal because I felt tingling and itching getting strong. 

Well, what do you think? I had a horrendous red rash that itched and burned and tested me to the limit of endurance. It was awful. I took a picture to show doctor at my next appointment, but I won't show you here.

I have been treating the area now for 3 days with gentle cleansing and application of good old fashioned *Resinol ointment. It is healing nicely, though slowly. 

Learned my lesson. Added that product to my allergy list! I should have known better. And....there are warnings "out there."

My use of Resinol is a family tradition. My grandmother, mother and I have all used it for multiple kinds of irritations. It works! I swear by it.

* Kinesiology Taping Inf.


  1. I am allergic to so many things too! I am glad you got that tape off ASAP!
    I will look for some resinol!

  2. Ouch! Not familiar with resinol, but I've had nasty reactions to bandages before. Some were labeled latex-free and "for sensitive skin" but the adhesives are not specified so I don't know what the irritant is.