Sunday, April 6, 2014

Apple Pie in April

In December of last year, I had several of the wonderful Macoun apples still being stored in the refrigerator and knew I had to do “something” with them. I peel, cored, sliced them and spread out the slices on the window screens and place them in front of the propane heater.

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They dried quickly and well so then I stored them in two mylar bags and dug out my old Seal-A-Meal appliance and they became safely preserved. That appliance is OLD (like me). It is from the early 70’s. It works very well.

I rehydrated the apples, and baked a very delicious apple pie.

It was hard to not take large pieces. We want it to last a couple of days. Five months have passed and we still had those very special apples to eat. Nice. (used them ALL!)

I bakes and he rakes!


  1. Oh yummm!! that looks so good. I love homemade apple pie!

  2. Oh my! My mouth is watering now! How delicious! Happy Spring!

  3. I love apple pie, and that one takes the cake! It just shows that, with careful planning, you can make delicious pies any time of year, and they will still be fresh and tasty. As for the raking, there's lots of that going on around here, after this winter. The grass hadn't seen sunshine (under all that snow) for months, but lots of small branches and twigs were everywhere, thanks to quite a few storms with gusty winds! We're happy, though, that we have nice, green grass that was well insulated under the icebergs that are - just now - all gone. Spring is here! Glad you have apple pie to celebrate, Gere!

  4. What a brilliant lady you are! I used to have a seal-a-meal when we had a houseful of kids (that would be back there in the 70s)...couldn't find it now if I wanted to. But I sure would love a piece of that pie.

    1. Sorry, it is all gone. (Shared 3 pieces to the raking man's helpers.)