Monday, April 28, 2014

Fixin' To Go

The 2006 Ford truck failed inspection!! The rusty holes and wear and tear did it. In Pennsylvania all vehicles must be *inspected and get a new sticker every year. Ours was due during the month of April. The ball joints have already been replaced and it is now in the body shop. We have a small hole on both sides of the rear doors at the bottom.  The inspection rule pertaining to this reads: "The floor pan is rusted through so as to cause hazard to occupants or to permit exhaust gases to enter passenger compartment." The estimated cost from the body shop (an long established local and very honest business) is $600.00.

*at an official PennDOT safety inspection station with certified inspectors.

Besides emission tests, the inspection usually includes head and tail lights, turn signals and warning lights, mirrors, windshield, seat belts, wiper blades and other safety equipment; tires, brakes, steering and suspension. We also have to bring our driver's license, vehicle registration card, and certificate of auto insurance.

I'm sure you have already guessed that the Mister has done everything conceivable to care for this truck with as good care and maintenance as he possibly could. Oh well, just another bump in the road. So here we sit until the phone rings.

This is what I like about photographs. They are proof, that once, even for just a few years, everything was perfect.


  1. That's awful! An 8 year old vehicle shouldn't be rusted out. It's pretty much the same here in Ma. and no car repair is cheap, even if it is. Einstein said that.

  2. I agree with Paul! That is awful!!

  3. My daughter once had an old car with a rusty floor, but it was more than 8 years old.

  4. I backed into a small...bush....and the branches [no more than 2 inches in diameter] dented the corner of the PLASTIC bumper. Cars and trucks are just nothing more than expensive toys for us grown ups.

    And the safety inspection...we had them in Colorado too. Not here much so. All they do is check wipers, lights, and brakes.

    1. not here much so...bad English...should be not much so here. I guess. In any case, you understand I'm sure. lol

  5. Those darn safety inspections. Mine is due next month and I'm afraid my tires will not pass. I only drive my car a couple times a week, so I'm not that concerned. New tires for a BMW will cost a pretty penny. Ugh. Sorry for your bump in the road. Safety first, I guess!

  6. Safety is always a priority. And the inspection test is a good way to know whether one’s vehicle is in perfect condition or not. Though it's too bad that your truck failed on it. But in my opinion, it still served a good purpose, because you were able to find out the specific part of the car that needed attention. At least you can focus on that and apply the necessary repair. How is it, btw?

    Felicia Simmons @ Brandon Auto Repair