Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flower Manips...

As I was waiting for my oven dinner to be ready, I took time out to play with a couple of my flower photos and try to relax a bit. Creating these manipulations is very relaxing for me and the end results  are OK once in a while. Sometimes I throw out the whole batch. It really doesn’t matter.

These three suit my fancy and I won’t feel bad if they aren’t to yours. 
Click on image to view larger.

There are no gardening mistakes, 
only experiments  
                              -Janet Kilburn Phillips 
The originals were photographed in March in SC.


  1. All very pretty, the originals and the changed ones!

  2. I do like the original flowers, and I like all three treatments, but I really, really like the last one, as the flowers, their textures and colors, remind me of Van Gogh! Nice work, Gere. I can see why it's relaxing. I love using my nature photographs in different ways, but you are the most talented artiste of this kind! Thanks for sharing!