Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Knew You Were Coming So I.....

...baked a cake!  Not just any cake - a POKE cake.  A friend shared her recipe and it is plain and simple and basic. That's the kind of recipe I like! OH! I forgot sweet! SWEET!

There are many recipes "out there" for poke cakes, but this is what we like best!
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 The cake has been baked and poked and covered with sweet mixture.

I covered it with pineapple that was processed very finely and drained.

It has been tasted and shared. In fact, we had an unexpected surprise visitor drive up at lunchtime today. Alvin, age 87, used to be my employer at a personal care boarding home, and he was THE cook for over thirty three residents. I ate many delicious meals when I worked there. I was so happy to see him and serve this cake while talking over old times.   

     Here is the recipe:
One yellow cake mix 
One vanilla instant pudding mix 

Mix the cake mix as instructed and add the dry pudding mix. 

Mix together: 
One can Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk. 14 oz
One can cream of coconut. 15 oz

After the cake is baked, immediately, while hot,  punch holes in top and pour mix into holes. 

Let set until cool. Cover top with drained crushed pineapple (optional)

Put in refrigerator overnight. 

Then add cool whip and coconut flakes or pineapple chunks (optional) on top to serve.

Keep refrigerated. 


  1. I'd have written sooner, but the drool got in the way. WOW, that looks soooo darn good! I can just about taste it right through this screen. I copied it and will absolutely make soon as I'm off this blasted diet, haha. But I WILL. Yeah, will finish the diet, lose what I wanted, and put it all back on when I eat the entire cake in one sitting. Do I thank you now or later (wink wink).
    Cya again soon for sure. I'd never miss one of your posts. LOVE them!
    signed: the hobblin' Igor (of course I typo'd Egor on my post, sheesh), aka JennyD

  2. I have never seen this recipe before. it really sounds good!

  3. I've got to try making this cake!

  4. Looks heavenly....and I can almost smell the sweetness and taste the pineapple!!

    I made one recently and after poking, I covered it with hot lemon pudding...Bud loves it that way.

  5. (Oh gosh, sent you 2 emails by way of your comment on my page. Hope you got them. If you did, your settings are now correct :D )