Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Awkward April

Oh! Those April "showers" -yeah, snow showers- will kill my flowers! 

The walkways are treacherous, the daffodils are sad and the little birdies are frozen! The truck doors won't open, and James wants a new outfit! The good thing is that the sun is rising. It's 6AM April 16, 2014. I have demanded that it shines strongly ALL DAY!
Click on image to enlarge

Mother Nature! 
Do you hear me??


  1. Oh wow, that is definitely COLD. Let's hope the plants make it and the poor robins too.
    You have THE most adorable house! And the lake? LOVE it. I used to have a house on a lake and I lived in it for 26 yrs. I bought it on my own and redid it from top to bottom. Adored that house. In fact, in my profile where I'm talking about all the pets I had at one time, that is where it was. Truly my dream place back then. So as I was looking at your lake, whew, brought back great memories :)

    Make a Poke cake. Perfect day for it ;)

    I'm just staying away from the pc some today so I can ice my poor knee more. Don't know why it's hurting extra much the last couple of days but hoping it's just all the surgical mess and that it will go away shortly.


  2. Love the pictures, and I'm glad the snow didn't last here. Although, they did a number on my flowers that just started poking through when we had 70 degree weather two days ago.

  3. Mother Nature isn't being a very good mommy these days! I didn't realize beavers would come near residences to have their feast. Good luck with them.