Saturday, September 18, 2021

It's What I Do

They’re not expensive ($1.75 for 50 at Target) but mine are OLD and CLEAN.  Every year I have washed my clothespins at the very end of summer and stored them until spring in the antique box that hangs on the side of the cabin. This box has been there for as long as I remember. It hangs on two screws and has been painted a flat black sometime in its lifetime. When laundry was ready to be hung on the lines, the old tin box was transferred to the front carport pole and there were two special screws for its placement, making it very handy to use. When laundry was brought in, the box was then transferred back to its safe and dry place by the side door. 

I know this is not a very exciting story but I feel I should tell it anyway. I no longer am able to hang laundry on the pulley style clothesline and have given in to not doing something that I found very satisfying, BUT … I CAN still do the annual clothespin and box cleanup in preparation for winter. So … this is what I did today. I washed and am drying my clothespin hoard. A long time ago I tossed my old-old pegs - sorry about that - but just the feel of the cleaned pinch-style made me feel good! Crazy old lady!

In the past I have created unique and custom craft items using this style pin. I  even won a prize at the local fair for my little clothespin rocking chair! (Sorry never took a picture of it.) This is one I found on the internet that is similar.

please tap image to view larger

Have you ever watched the guy on the TV ad when asked by his next door neighbor, “Why are you shouting?” His answer is “Because that’s what I do!” Ok enough said. 


  1. Clever clothespin crafting!!
    My favorite thing to dry outdoors on a clothesline is bedding. But, don't do it here 'cause subdivision won't allow clotheslines!!!

    1. Still glad to be a country girl. I now am envious when I see lots of laundry hung out on lines to dry everywhere I go. It's what we do.

  2. I hang out laundry a couple of times a week. Just like my mom, I never leave the clothespins on the line. That is a clever piece of crafting!

  3. I love it, that even though you can't hang your wash out, as you loved to do.... You go through this autumn ritual. -smile- Something you still can do.

    Being 84, I fully understand not being able to do many things, any more. But you salvaged part of your old enjoyment.

    And a super bit of clothes pin Art!

    Yes, I know the tv add!!!!!!!! -grin-