Thursday, September 23, 2021

Good Day - Rough Day

Tuesday afternoon my dear friend delivered a loaf of her wonderful lemon poppyseed zucchini bread. It was wrapped in aluminum foil and it was still WARM! Great surprise! Needless to say I cut me a slice to have with supper.

Wednesday after my nap I dug out the old Daisy sealer and the roll of foodsaver plastic that my brother had given me when I couldn't find any more of the original type seal bags. *I blogged about this in the past. The thing is, the old bags were already sealed at one end and were individual items of two different sizes. It just another 'make-do' project now and has been useful several times - just a little more work. *Links to old blogs at the bottom here.

They have been popped into the freezer and I can have one slice at a time.

The 'rough day' part is that I went to the local health system to get my usual 8 week shoulder injection. The original orthopedic surgeon has retired and this was my second visit with the new fellow. The last time went ok, even though I had to have lumbar x-rays for a badly sprained back but the shoulder shot hit the mark well. Today he didn't seem to be sure of where to inject and was asking me where it should go. I only remember where the original guy did it so I indicated the area. After he removed the needle, he grabbed some gauze as the injection site was bleeding. (I am not on any blood thinners.) The bad thing was - are you ready? The blood stained the back neck of my brand new special mauve waffle weave shirt! It was the first time I wore it and did so, knowing it would stretch over the shoulder to make access easy. I couldn't wait to get home and rinse it out with cold water. Yes, it did come out.

*two links below

OLD Food Sealer

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  1. Great idea, to freeze the loaf,in individual slices! Learn something new, in Pretty Blog Land, all the while!

    Ugh to the bleed! But sooooo glad, it rinsed out! Yikes, what a 'downer.' -sigh-

    Btw, these 'dresses' I use all year round... They are not fancy dresses! They are muumuus and the like. Just cotton. Or corduroy, in winter. These being sleeveless and just pop over the head.

    I wear all of them with a T-shirt in summer, and a turtle neck in winter.

    And long, because my legs are not 'pretty' anymore. -smile-

    So when I say "I dress in dresses," it is like saying ="Tasha Tudor wore dresses. -smile-

    Tasha Tudor


  2. -sigh- That click-able link doesn't work. I can't remember the *magic* way, to do a click-able link.

    Maybe just do a search on Tasha Tudor. I'm sure you will find pictures of her.

    All this, in case you are not familiar with her. If you know her, this is not necessary. -smile-


    1. I just copied the website address and pasted it into a new address line and got there fine! Interesting lady, she was!

  3. Mmmmm, I bet that bread is delicious!! Smart idea on individually wrapped slices.