Sunday, September 26, 2021

A Beautiful Weekend

On Saturday my youngest son rode his bike here for a visit and we had a great ride-about around the lake on the golf car. Some difference between his motorcycle and driving my vehicle, but we went very slowly and really reminisced about the days when he lived here way back when... His first words were, "Ah! It still smells like cabin in here."

Today I recharged the golf car and took another ride and even ventured further out. I had to put on a really warm jacket, but the sun was shining and the air was fresh. As I looked down the lake from the north end, the clouds were amazing and beautiful.
Just around the corner I spied a cluster of mushrooms on a shady plot and couldn't resist taking a few shots. I took too many, narrowed it down to just these, and still can't decide which I like best.
As I continued around the lake and then down the road I turned onto a long private driveway. I spotted this old red barn on my right.
At the top of the long gravel drive is the home of friends and the old apple trees with their fruit took my eye.
I picked four! They might not be pretty but don't let appearance fool you! After posing for their picture, I ate one. Lots of juice and flavor, But - BUT! Look at the beautiful patterns on the skin!
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  1. Juicy apples have my mouth watering. What a terrific ride-about. Beautiful sky shots! I don't know why, but the mushrooms/toadstools remind me of The Hobbit.

  2. Love the mushroom one with light and shade ❣

  3. Lovely post!!!

    How great that you have a golf cart, to wander around on. So much easier than a car, and you can go more places.

    Beautiful Natural Apples!!!!!!


  4. What fun to have your son come riding in to see Mom! The cart is such a fun way to get out and enjoy the views.

  5. Lover seeing the images! Nice you got to visit your son! Love the images of the mushrooms!

  6. You have such a wonderful eye for what photographs well!