Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Good Morning

First, the view through the windows was lovely as I did the second rinse of the pinto beans that had previously been rinsed, sorted and soaked overnight in preparation for soup.

A short while after the second straining and rinsing was  done, I looked out again and - what did I see? My friend was visiting again, for the umpteenth time this year.
I took his picture through the front storm door window. I knew if I went out on the porch he would do his usual fly-away!
The bean soup project continued. After adding water enough to cover the beans by a couple of inches, I chopped up and added a thawed pre-barbecued chicken breast, my frozen, pre-cooked crumbled bacon and pre-cut frozen onion slices A half bottle of mild picante sauce was then added and the potful simmered for over four hours, being stirred when I thought about it. Oh my goodness! My lunch was super good and nourishing too. If you wonder why I used the mild version of picante sauce, it's because I do not like anything at all that is hot spicy. I never made this from scratch before and just read the directions on the bag and will make it again. Other vegetables could have been added but I decided not to this time. Of course after cooling it down, first on the counter and then in the refrigerator, I moved three of the containers into the freezer.  The photos do not do the soup justice - you have to taste it to know how good it is! 
When busy bottling my soup, I looked up and out the window and saw the bald eagle fly over! What a day!


  1. Bald eagle?! How lucky you are. All we get regularly are doves & sparrows. Right now hummingbirds migrating thru.

    I bet that soup was absolutely delicious! I love Mexican flair & soups,so it'd be a win win meal.

    Beautiful photos from your window Ms. G

  2. The sighting of the bird reminds me of Myrtle Beach ! Good memories : )