Friday, September 24, 2021

Busy in the Kitchen Thursday

Haven't had pancakes for many months. Today was the day and lunch was the time. Thank goodness for Aunt Jemima - so easy - so good - no fail! (Should I keep the box when it is empty since her smiling face has been removed from the newer boxes now? (That was a mistake in my view!!)  Two large ones for lunch and one more to save. Of course I have real butter and maple syrup for toppings. 

This morning I took a 5lb. bag of frozen white meat chicken strips from the freezer and broke it down into 8 small baggies. It will make these be easier to access when I want a few. I dumped the entire bag into my handy-dandy blue tub and did the sorting and bagging and popped all back into the freezer. When I was doing this, the power went off and the stand-by generator kicked in! Love that generator! The left-over small pieces were then put into my stove pot, topped off with water and simmered all afternoon, along with some pepper, garlic, onion, and celery powder. Later on I added a blurp (my word) of Gravy Master and a few teaspoons of corn starch dissolved in cold water to the mix and simmered it some more. I will use some for supper. My taste test was really successful. The next step of course, is to bottle up and store some in the freezer. I think it will go good with mashed potatoes! What a feeling of accomplishment!
After the rain, a doe and fawn came for a drink from the lake.
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  1. Aunt Jemima is gone. And so is Uncle Ben!!!!! We could sell our packages, on line, and make money!!!!!

    Such wanton stupidity, of this "Woke" crapppppppp!

    You have a generator! Super. And you must keep it well taken care of, if it came on. -smile-

    Grrrreat food prep!!!! Wonnnnnderful!!!


  2. I agree. They should have left Aunt Jimima alone. She represented a good pancake

  3. Beautiful photo of mama & baby!!

    All sound delish. I think I'd have dumplings, but potatoes are good too.

    Ya, this politically correctness has gone way too far. As with Land o' Lakes butter and more.