Saturday, August 21, 2021

Slice & Dice

Today I undertook the project of slicing and dicing four large onions. They are now in the freezer. The hardest part was the fact that my knife sharpening person is no longer available and I just cannot get a very sharp edge on my favorite knife. The old steel sharpening tool was always used. I also kept the phone nearby just in case I cut myself and would need help. It's not just the Boy Scouts that need to always be prepared! I was a Girl Scout, didn't ya know!

Slicing on the Bluffton is easiest but also dangerous! (Bluffton Slaw Cutter (ak/kraut cutter) 1915

Now I have to get some pickling salt and will most likely ferment strips of the eggplants or maybe make some pickles. Eggplant is like a sponge, literally. It actually begins to feel like a sponge once you cut and salt it. Salting the eggplant aids in removing any bitterness that might be in the final ferment, adding tons of Italian flavor, in the form of basil, oregano and garlic, makes the most of its spongy nature. It will take about a week to ferment and I have just the jar in which to do it! I have good recipes for either the pickles or the fermentation processes. 
please tap on image to view these beauties


  1. I make eggplant lasagna. It's a good choice for a meatless entreƩ.

  2. Nice that looks so good. Also love how the top photo came out! I enjoy seeing all your projects you are working on!