Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Hard Work-Hot Day!

My yardman ran a snake up into the pipe that runs along side the south end of the cabin because he suspected it was clogged. The catch basin drain in front seemed to be dry and the one in back seemed to be too wet. Yes — after an hour of shovel and pick digging, the pipes (four total) were removed and the two nearest the back were full of clogged stuff! Heaven only knows when they were put in because there was a large root from the fir tree that had grown over the back section of pipes. 

I really felt bad for him doing this as a one-man job as the humidity is very high today. Both roof gutter downspouts go into this drainage system. The ditch that is behind the cabin also flows into the back drain. In front, another underground pipe continues to go out to another drain at the edge of the road. That one continues on under the road and empties along the water's edge. (I think!) Putter Pop #1 is no longer around for clarification. It was his system!


  1. Ready for the next big downpour ❣

  2. That was a lot of work...but now, the drainage will work better!!

  3. Great to onow your getting it done! The rain has been heavy this year! That is a lot of work! Glad you have folks around d that can help! Stay safe and cool!

  4. Well, that was a job that needed doing. And, good to know that the system is still working as planned.