Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Cooling off...

 Just an early morning shot with the warm mist and cool air.

Then I played a little with B/W and herons.
Good news! The mailbox is now just a step away from my side door. First delivery made today. My lawn guy just put it up this morning when he came to clean flowerbeds and mow. Then the Schwan man came and I'm trying the coffee ice cream. The trash man came and took the bag away. The neighbor who does my laundry came for it and now I'm just in heaven without a halo! (Except none of these wonderful things have helped my sprained back but all in all I know I shouldn't complain AT ALL!)
Oh how much easier this will be!


  1. This mailbox & delivery is a godsend!!

  2. I just love playing around with photos. Your herons are wonderful! I also like your message on the chalkboard.

  3. Very nice you got the mail box up! Hope your back feels better. Love the black and white photos! At some point, we need to do your pinch pot clay project when you feel up to it.