Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Mustard Month

I took a golf car ride to my friend's home on the top of a hill. The Goldenrod was in full bloom and EVERYWHERE! I love that mustard color!

The main purpose for the ride was to see the tree he told me about and to try to identify the variety of pear it grew. I was very surprised to see most of the leaves already down and the multitude of pears hanging on the barren branches. When I picked two off they didn't come easily so I guess they are not ready yet. My research after returning home has me inclining to believe they are "Bosc." From other internet information I think they may soften on my counter. They are small, HARD, and brownish.
Here is the tree. There is only one.
please click on image to enlarge
Here is the clearest information I could find. I sure hope it applies to these. 

  • "Pears come to harvest from midsummer to mid-autumn, depending on the variety.
  • A pear is ready for harvest when it reaches mature size and the green color lightens but the fruit is still hard. The stem of the fruit will part readily from the spur when you lift up on the fruit with a slight twist. If the stem does not snap on its own, wait a couple of days and try again.
  • The fruit will ripen off the tree in a cool place. Pears that fully ripen on the tree can have a grainy texture.
  • Store pears at high humidity and temperatures near freezing. The length of storage varies with the cultivar, but some pears will store for up to three months. Remove the fruit from storage and ripen it before you eat it.
  • Winter pears which are hard when they fall from the tree will soften in storage."




  1. I certainly wouldn't have a clue. Hope they soften up & are juicy.

  2. Pears, I remember cutting thru Mrs. Brown's back yard and stealing pears from her tree...she saw us and never cared. LOL. My daughter just cuts hers into cubes and freezes them for using in nut breads. Hope you are safe and doing well. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. hmmm, sea oats are for sale online. they (etsy) have to get them from somewhere. curious. I guess it depends on the state.