Thursday, June 27, 2019

S L O W.....

Every day I look at the Portulaca I planted on May 16 for signs of a bloom. Well, today there are 2! These poor things have stretched to the sky looking for a dryout and more sun for 46 days! Thank goodness they show promise of additional pretty blossoms. Usually there is one on each shoot at the same time; they have never grown so tall before!
May 16, 2019
June 27, 2019
Even the Martha Washington Geraniums have suffered this year.
June 27, 2019
July 3, 2018
All Hosta in the surrounding area are HUGE! Ours is about to bloom. The hummingbirds love these.
The ferns love the wet weather conditions for sure!
5:00pm June 27. Lake weed control coming past. They caught me unprepared and my pictures aren't that sharp. This is done at least twice a year.
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  1. With this new company that started last year it's 4 times a year.

  2. Oh my heavens!! Would you look at the size of that fern?!! Wow. My one pot with geraniums looks very sad...too wet & humid this year. Yours looks fine to me. And the hosta...I didn't know about the hummers.

    Love the crystal ball in the window. Gorgeous view too, by the way.