Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Here and There....

In spite of all the rainy days and overly wet fields and lawns, the dirt roads are very dusty now. It's not fun to ride along and have someone pass by leaving you in the dust. Darn! I had just washed my hair too! Oh well....
It is Iris blooming time here. My patch on the beachfront is covered with weeds (it's too steep for me to even think about trying to pull them out) so I hobbled down there with my scissors and cane and cut me a few to bring up to the cabin. My mom and dad planted these many many years ago and they are still producing beautiful blooms.
The neighbors' flowerbeds have Iris in bloom as well. One has an abundant bed of yellow ones. No picture of the yellow for you today.
As for critters, there is a groundhog living under our shed again. 
2018 portrait
2018 portrait 
My brother just stopped in and told about an orphaned baby opossum that he is rearing. I am not seeing the usual rabbits or chipmunks on my rides around here and wonder why. There are way too many flocks of Canada Geese present now (they leave messes on lawns) and they all have families. The duck families are not evident yet. That is strange. The Great Blue Heron visits our beach often and he is gorgeous as he struts along looking into the shallow water edge for a meal. We have seen both mature and immature Bald Eagles fly over often. An Osprey has been fishing here with good success lately. Of course the hummingbirds are busy, both at the feeders and swiping through the air with their beaks open to catch the tiny swarms of flying bugs. It is all interesting and  wonderful to see.
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  1. GREAT pictures! And so nice reading about your little corner of the world...and the iris...they ARE a hardy breed.