Friday, June 14, 2019

Cool Ride

By cool I mean the temperature! Not nice. Not warm. Not sunny much. Oh well... the season and nature march on nevertheless.
In my own yard the chives in the old rock garden are spilling over in spite of the weeds that have infiltrated the area.
The poppies down the road are usually more abundant but the winds and rains have whipped them to pieces. The good news is that there are more to come.
Another few sit near the Lupines in a neighbor's garden.
As for more cultivated ones, I found the Peonies just starting to pop. The plants have many unopened buds.
Now for the wildflowers.... The daisies and fleabane are evident everywhere among the buttercups and large purple clover.
I even brought a few home.
The Queen Ann's Lace are covering all side hills. I could even detect a carroty fragrance as I rode by!
AND - Just before hitting the homestead I see that the Thimbleberry bushes are in bloom! YAY!
please click on image to view larger
The two deer and a groundhog saw me first and I never even had a chance to capture them; maybe next time. The woodland and field animals seem to be very elusive this year.


  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad you labeled the name of the flowers. There were a couple I didn’t know

  2. Oh my! Absolute joy! The colors...outstanding.

  3. Oh how I miss lupins. I had many in my garden up north !

  4. J, I just love all your photos and notes you post. Some of the pics take me wayyyy back and others teach me things I never knew, so thank you for that. When I saw the Peonies, and those are my fav flowers, it made me remember when the entire length of my front porch was lined with them. As a little girl, I was fascinated by the ants hard work of opening them up. Mom, on the other hand, hated that and also never liked any flowers a front yard, so all were cut down and dug up. I cried. Well, people's preferences are what they are, but 60 yrs later I got to put flowers all over the front and was happy as could be. The neighbors said there was nothing better than seeing my house in the morning with all the flowers bathed in sunlight. Now you are showing Thimbleberry bushes and they are NEW to me! Can't wait to see if they'll grow here!
    PS/ I don't know why I can't seem to do a short comment. Forgive me if it bugs you to death.

  5. Damn it...I typed "J" again. Meant "G". Wonder if Medicare will pay for a lobotomy.