Friday, February 8, 2019

Upward Trending

Yes, we both are feeling much improved. Doc took me off of meds and pneumonia is under control. The Mister is healing well and has very quick recovery powers.  All signs "GO!" I felt so good that I even made brownies today!

I even was able to finish the old photo album project except for eight little color prints I'm having made in Kansas. This company can take the old scratched 2.25" x 2.25" 1956 color negatives and print them ANY size I want and the cost is minimal. I just want them, after finding the envelope at the back of the old album. I was in search of help and our local "Then and Now" site members gave me so many good tips of where I could get this done. I plan to tell you more after they arrive. More on this project later. Here are a few images that I scanned - just because. 

Corey Lane, Chester NJ
 Up the hill to my first home after marriage in December 1955

 One room log cabin with stone fireplace and gas heater
 Sofa bed in living area
 Down the hill to landlord's home to do laundry
 Cut hair, too much work with new baby
 Moved to small 2 bedroom home 2nd baby on the way
January 1957 Cedar Knolls NJ
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  1. I have a mess of negatives in envelopes have no idea who they are.Let me know how yours come back.

  2. Ohhhhh, How I love this nostalgic post! Going back in time like this is so fruitful. And, I look forward to more coming soon.

    Brownies ... yum!