Monday, February 4, 2019

Fantastic Movie (IMOO)

I recently watched an entire movie on one of our PBS TV stations Saturday night about trees.

The wonderful Britain's best loved actress (and by me too) Judi Dench, started off saying that there are more trees on the planet than stars in the galaxy. That really got my attention because I love nature, trees, fungi, flowers and critters. So I watched and learned. Ya know, we can NEVER stop learning!

"This film follows Judi's journey through the seasons and her mission to understand her woodland's vital role in our history and our future. With the help of some of the best tree scientists and historians in the world, Judi unlocks the remarkable secret lives of trees and the stories that they tell us."
Photo from the internet documentary film 2017
If you do a Google search you will find sites to download the entire movie or just some clips. Try it!


  1. You are amazing. Nature is definitely your thing

  2. I love watching PBS when it's all about nature...and Dame Judy Dench.