Friday, February 15, 2019

Good Stuff

Of course I'm referring to food, what else? Last night I put together a casserole with leftovers, and it was very tasty; especially delicious. There are no rules in my kitchen, except "waste not, want not."  This was a combination of potatoes, sliced thinly as scalloped dishes require. Then I had cut up a slice of ham into 1/2" square cubes and added. Left over string beans, milk, butter and pepper went in next with a dusting of flour. On the top I sprinkled a few of French's crispy onion pieces and a little shredded sharp cheese. Baked at 350° for an hour, rested for ten minutes and the one dish meal was served.
This morning I baked a lemon pudding cake in a flat pan and added a couple of cups of frozen blueberries. I do hope this treat will last a few days. Whipped cream coming up!
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  1. I am dreaming of this deicious-ness right now.

  2. It all sounds so very tasty. If I were in cool temperatures I might cook more but cooking for one and eating it alone is no fun.😘