Monday, February 11, 2019

One Day at a Time

The forecast is for more snow and then some freezing icy conditions tomorrow. I cancelled two appointments. We don't travel anywhere when the roads are treacherous. So.....I just caught up on some dusting and general cleaning and then baked a batch of sugar cookies. I have been holding a jar of ground up brownies to use in the future for long enough. They are from a batch that I overbaked several months ago and for sure we didn't want the Mister's dentures to break. The food processor did a good job of making crumbles! The freezer kept them fresh. I just rolled the sugar cookie dough into balls and then rolled the balls into the crumbles. They baked fine and are very tasty. We have lived frugally all of our years and it is a rarity that I throw any food away. Have a cookie!
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Spinach cheddar quiche for dinner. I also made my own bread crumbs to go on the bottom (no crust) from the ends of dried out Italian breads that I saved over the past few months. I just put them in a paper bag and roll them down with the marble rolling pin on the marble slab.  We love quiche!